About Me

me-135My name is Jeanne Leblanc. I’ve built websites for day care centers, a rental vacation cabin, a wedding, a food blog and a few news outlets, among others You can see samples on my portfolio page. Click on the thumbnails for a description of each site.

WordPress is my platform of choice because it’s flexible, open-source and easy to update. Although WordPress started out as a blogging platform it has evolved into a cutting-edge content management system, which means it can support just about any kind of website. It’s easy and economical to set up and can be maintained without a lot of technical expertise. Many of my clients have learned to update their owns sites, and I’m available for tasks they can’t or don’t want to tackle.

My background is in journalism. I was a newspaper reporter and editor who ended up on the Web side of the business. Before I started working in communications for a non-profit organization, I was the online editor of The Hartford Courant and a regional editor for Patch Media hyperlocal news sites.

In addition to building sites from scratch, I rebuild and redesign sites. I also help people who are building their own websites when they get stuck with a technical problem. I can help with Facebook, Twitter and other social media. And I write and edit newsletters, fliers and other publications, as well as content for websites.

I don’t usually host websites for clients. I encourage them instead to register their own domains and set up their own commercial hosting accounts, or I do it for them. This approach saves time and money, in the short run and the long run. Clients pay the hosting company as little as $6 a month to keep a site (or multiple sites) online while maintaining control of and access to their own content. When I’m done building a site, I provide each client with the information he or she needs to access it or to hire another WordPress expert to help. If a client wants to hire me again, that’s fine. But I never hold a site hostage.

I live in Burlington, Connecticut, and usually do my Web work from my home office. You can reach me at jeanne@weblanc.com.

This site, by the way, is built on the Crystal child theme on the Genesis framework. I love working with this set of themes.